Coin Master Pets – Earn More Coins [Working Tips]

We all know how pets are important in coin master and we simply can not ignore them if we want to become a pro player in this game. So if you are looking for some working tips that you can implement with pets to increase your potential to earn coins in the coin master game then this article is for you.

In this article, you can find a complete guide on all coin master pets, how useful they are and some tips to get maximum rewards by using them. If you are playing this game for a long time then you may know what pets can do for you in this game and how useful they are.

Before we jump into the article one thing you should know is that there is no way you can get free spins using these pets in this game. There are other methods we discussed that can help you to get coin master free spins so if you are looking for it you can check out that article.

Pets Available in Coin Master

All Coin Master Pets

There are a total of 3 pets available in the coin master game and you can unlock them by upgrading your village level and completing certain card collections. The pets which are available in this game are Foxy, Tiger, and Rhino.

Each of the pets has its own benefits so depending on your goals and strategies to play this game you can use any of them once you unlock them. So now let’s check out what these pets are and how they can help you in the coin master game.



Foxy is the first and one of the best pets you unlock in the coin master game. To unlock this pet first you have to upgrade your village to level 4. Some players may think that because they unlock foxy as their first pet it is not important. But in fact, foxy is the most useful pet in the coin master.

With the help of foxy, you can increase your rewards up to 106% in a raid. Whenever you take Foxy with you in a raid it will dig the 4th and last shovel and get you the maximum number of coins you can get in a single raid. As of now, you can upgrade to foxy 135 to get maximum rewards.



Arguably the Tiger is the best pet to use during events like Tiger Tournament and Attack Madness Event because it can increase your rewards up to 300%. Even though a tiger does not dig the last shovel during the raid, still it can increase your raid winnings very easily.

You can unlock the tiger by getting all Beasts Cards and completing the collection. And as of now, you can upgrade tiger pet up to 129 levels to get the maximum number of coins during any raid in the coin master game.



If you plan to not play the coin master game for a certain time and want to save your winnings from enemy raids then Rhino is a pet for you. Rhino saves your village from enemy attack even if your shield is over and saves your winnings in this game.

To unlock Rhino first you need to upgrade your village to level number 28 and then complete the Creatures Card collection. You can upgrade Rhino up to level 99 and at that level, it can block enemy attacks up to 70% and that is huge savings from any enemy raid.

Tips to Earn Maximum Free Coins With Pets in Coin Master

Now you know about all the pets and how useful they are in the coin master game. So it’s time to check out some of the best tips and tricks that you can use in order to get maximum benefits out of your pets.

Tip 1: Use foxy as your pet in almost all of your raids when there are not any events going on. Because foxy can get you 200x times more rewards when it is upgraded to its highest level.

Tip 2: If you are taking a break from the game make sure you activate Rhino as your pet as Rhino is also one of the best pets in coin master. And also during this time you are not going to make any raids so tiger and foxy are useless in such cases. While Rhino can save your coins and village up to 70% when it’s upgraded to its maximum level.

Tip 3: If you have participated in events like Attack Madness or Tiger Tournament then make sure to use the tiger as your pet. Because a tiger can help you to win this tournament and the rewards you can get by winning this tournament or event will be more than any raids you can make with foxy.

FAQs on Coin Master Pets

What is the best pet to have on Coin Master?

It depends on you if you are spinning a slot machine and ready to raid then foxy is the best for you. But if you are not ready for any raid and just waiting for your spins to refill then Rhino is gonna save your village.

How does Rhino pet work in Coin Master?

When a Rhino pet is activated in the coin master game it helps you to block an enemy attack. At base level there are 10% chances Rhino can block an enemy attack.

How do I feed my pet on Coin Master?

To feed your pet in coin master you can simply select your pet and click on the Pet Food option available. And it will automatically feed the pet you have selected.

Video on Coin Master Pets

This is a complete guide on coin master pets and some of the best tips that you can use to get maximum benefits out of these pets. Please do share this article with your friends so they can also know these tips and improve their gameplay.

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